CRM Leading Practice


visualmetrix CRM solutions include hundreds of industry-specific embedded best practices, based on our experience with CRM implementations. These best practices enable our customers to achieve rapid ROI and business objectives through the deployment of optimised CRM processes.

Establish Measurable Business Objectives
visualmetrix CRM Strategy and implementation Services help customers establish measurable business objectives and develop an effective CRM strategy across channels and lines of business.

Align CRM to Business Strategy
Successful deployments require alignment of the organisation around the CRM strategy and the change it will entail. Key best practices include securing executive sponsorship; ensuring that managers support the intended business change; and ensuring that stakeholders understand the capabilities and impact of the CRM system. Through several service offerings including 'Getting Started', 'Executive Alignment', and 'Management Alignment Workshops' visualmetrix helps organisations apply these best practices to achieve organisational alignment.

Align Leading Practice with Functionality

visualmetrix have a library of best practice processes which have been identified, documented, and modeled. In addition, visualmetrix has documented best practices in sales methodologies, channel management, and other CRM processes. Through these and other service offerings, customers can prioritise processes by business impact and ease of implementation, leverage standard functionality of the CRM application, and minimise customisation resulting in reduced deployment risk and faster return on investment.

Phased Implementation
By planning and executing the implementation in phases, customers can more effectively determine each phase’s goals and ensure quick wins. Each phase should involve end users in the implementation design and should include expert quality control reviews and testing. To help organisations apply these best practices, visualmetrix provides a proven, six stage methodology for rapidly implementing a CRM solution, including Implementation Services, Competency Practices, Technical Account Management, and Expert Services.

Use trained staff to implement the CRM solution
visualmetrix have highly competent, trained consultants to enable our customers to follow best practices in establishing and managing the implementation project teams. These should only include personnel who have been certified and have proven industry experience.

Train, reinforce, and reward for 100% adoption
End user adoption is perhaps the most critical success factor in a CRM solution. Best practices to ensure user adoption include developing an adoption strategy up front; training end users; providing end user support; and aligning compensation and rewards to reinforce desired behaviors. visualmetrix offers a comprehensive set of training and change management services to meet these requirements, including User Adoption Workshop and Strategy, Change Communication Services, User Training, Custom Online Help, and Simulations.

Monitor progress and measure results
To manage and continuously improve the effectiveness of a CRM strategy, an organisation must define and monitor performance metrics, assess end user adoption, and regularly measure and analyse business impact. visualmetrix assists organisations in applying these best practices through offerings such as Satisfaction Surveys, Customer, Employee and Partner Surveys; Sales Effectiveness Surveys; End User Surveys; and Implementation Effectiveness Reviews.

Best practices represent proven methodologies for consistently and effectively achieving a business objective. Whereas a business process is simply a series of activities organised to achieve a specific business objective, a best practice is a business process with demonstrated ability to achieve superior results. For example, Sales Forecasting is a general business process, while Triangulated Sales Forecasting is a best practice business process.

Organisations achieve maximum business impact from their CRM implementation only if the system enables them to apply best practices to their CRM processes. Otherwise, the organisation will end up merely automating suboptimal business processes